Thursday, December 14, 2017
City Of Marshalltown

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Left: our City Hall was constructed in 1917 in Greek Revival style. The building, located at 24 North Center Street, houses the Council Chambers, City Administrator's office, City Clerk, Public Works, Housing, and other city departments. Right: the Marshall County Courthouse is the centerpiece of our Central Business District (CBD), and can be seen from almost any approach to the city. Construction of the building began in 1884 and was finished in 1886. In the mid 1970s a major renovation ensured the buildings future. Situated at the corner of Center and Main Streets, our Courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Left: located just east of the Willard Mansion, this grand old Gothic-Revival mansion is one of our most frequently photographed private homes. Right: the Willard Mansion. This Edwardian-Georgian mansion is located near the CBD on West Main Street and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home was built in 1910 for LeRoy R. Willard, a local businessman.

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Left: Binford House, located on North 2nd Avenue, can be toured by appointment, and is occasionally the site of tea parties. It was built in 1874 in the Italianate style. Middle: once owned by the late John Mowry, a local attorney and former mayor of Marshalltown, this Second Empire-style home is located on West Main Street, not far from the Willard Mansion. Right: the Glick-Sower House, located at 2nd Avenue and East State Streets, is another landmark structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Left: the Fisher Theater is home to the Marshalltown Community Theater and presents a full season of plays each year. The theater adjoins the Fisher Community Center, right, which has rooms for meetings, and is home to Community Nursing Service, and the Chamber of Commerce. The Community Center also houses the Fisher Art Gallery with an excellent collection of paintings from the Impressionist and post-Impressionist eras.

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Left: A relatively recent addition to Marshalltown's landmarks, this Vietnam-era F-4C Phantom is located on the American Legion Grounds on South 6th Street. The fighter was flown by local resident Joe Latham, and is now a memorial to all veterans. Second from left: the Elk's Club monument at Riverside Cemetary. Right two frames: locally famous sculpture includes the set of bronzes, left, located in the pond at the Fisher Community Center.

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Two views of the log cabin located in Riverview Park. This historic structure is used for family reunions, company picnics, church parties, and other activities year-round. The structure, owned and managed by the city can be rented through our Parks and Recreation Department.