Thursday, December 14, 2017
City Of Marshalltown
Bike Trails

Marshalltown Parks and Recreation continues to expand the hard-surfaced Walk-Jog-Bicycle path begun several years ago. The path wanders through quiet countryside vistas as well as through residential and park areas. Click the thumbnails for a sampling of what awaits you…

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While the area at left appears to be out in the middle of nowhere, it is less than half a mile from a primary city street. The view on the right runs along the southern banks of the Iowa River. This shot is along the approach to the northern edge of Riverview Park.

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This photograph also appears to be way out in the country! Actually, it's nestled in a wooded area adjacent to a quiet suburban neighborhood on the southwest side of town.

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Whether you walk, run, jog, or bicycle, you will encounter many species of wild life and wild flowers along our hard-surfaced trail. These photographs were taken near the area shown in the preceding picture.

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The Walk-Jog-Bike path provides an excellent opportunity to "get away from it all!" Take the kids for a bicycle outing, or go jogging with your four-legged best friend.

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Careful planning by our Parks and Recreation department has resulted in a path that is easily reached from virtually any neighborhood in town, yet provides a quiet country setting over most of its length. Above far left: cyclists approach through the quiet countryside; above right three images: parts of the trail skirt along the Iowa River on the north side of the city.

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A view of the flood lagoon in Riverview Park, along with some of the aquatic flowering plants that grow along its banks.

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Working with the Department of Natural Resources, the Parks and Recreation department has created a wetlands area in the northeast part of the city. Many species of wildlife (some migratory) inhabit this area and can be seen from the trail. A foot path off the hard-surfaced trail provides access to the inner areas of the wetlands.

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Railroads are not a problem! At least not at this crossing on the east side of the city!

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Left: This covered bridge was a Matins Kiwanis project. It spans Linn Creek on the southeastern part of the Walk-Jog-Bike trail. Right: Another shelter provides a convenient place to rest for a moment along the trail. This shelter, which was built as an Eagle Scout project, is located in Judge Park, on the city's southwest side.