Thursday, December 14, 2017
City Of Marshalltown

Marshalltown is accessed primarily from the north and south by Highway 14. Near the city's southern limits, Highway 14 intersects with Highway 30, a main east-west corridor across the state. The Iowa Department of Transportation has a long-range plan to convert Highway 30 to a four-lane divided highway traversing the entire state. Recent construction at Marshalltown has added another segment to this four-lane conversion.

Additionally, Highway 65, the primary route connecting Marshalltown with Des Moines, is in the process of being converted to a four-lane divided highway as well. This project is ahead of schedule, thanks to a very mild winter last year that allowed construction to continue unabated by weather. The photos below show some of the approaches to our city.

14n03.jpg (28329 bytes) 14n02.jpg (27349 bytes)
Highway 14, looking south toward Marshalltown, is a two-lane highway that splits into a divided four-lane highway north of the city limits.

14south.jpg (34023 bytes) 14viad01.jpg (32330 bytes)
Highway 14's approach to the city from the south is an undivided four-lane. Many city businesses are located along this street, including shopping centers, lawn and garden businesses, office supply stores, auto dealerships, and many others. Left, Highway 14, just north of the intersection of Highways 14 and 30, looking north toward the center of town. Right, Highway 14 (South Center Street) looking north toward the viaduct that spans the rail yard from just north of Anson Street to West Boone Street.

s18av01.jpg (14951 bytes) s18av02.jpg (18750 bytes)
Two views of South 18th Avenue. This is a relatively new approach to the city, and was constructed to provide direct access to the Industrial Park on the city's east side. The divided four-lane connects to the newly constructed four-lane Highway 30 south of the city.