Tuesday, November 21, 2017
City Of Marshalltown

Please read the information below before attempting to download map files!

Our map files are maintained by the Public Works Department. Maps are available here in one or more of the following formats: djvu, html, or sid. The easiest way to access the maps is to click Resources on our main menu, then click Public Works.

Before attempting to download or print these files, you must have the appropriate plugin loaded on your machine. The more detail a map contains, the larger the file will be, and the longer it will take to download. Please note the size of each map file before downloading.

Maps containing a high level of detail will require large-size paper if you attempt to print them. Some may require a large drafting plotter to print in readable format. Many of the large maps include small fonts that will become unreadable if the map is "reduced" to fit on standard 8 1/2" X 11" paper commonly used by home and office printers. This is why most travel maps are printed on large paper - only the larger format paper allows small text to print large enough to be readable.

DJVU-formatted files

You will need the DJVU plugin to view maps stored on our server with the djvu file name extension. This free plugin is available from www.celartem.com. These maps are generally created in black and white. They are reasonable in size for the home-user and images can be zoomed (right-click on the map image and follow the on-screen instructions). When an area of the map is zoomed to show additional detail, the zoomed area will print, excluding the remainder of the map.

As a rule of thumb, color versions of djvu files are larger and take proportionally longer to download. When a color file opens, you will find it displayed at a larger scale than its black and white counterpart. You may want to zoom to a scale below 100% for viewing on-screen. To zoom a djvu file, just right click anywhere on the map image, and follow the on-screen instructions.

A djvu file may open in a new browser window. If this happens, the "Back" button on the new window will be "dimmed." To return to the original browser window, just move the new djvu map window aside, minimize it, or close it; any of these actions should reveal the original browser window.

SID-formatted files

Mr. SID files utilize a special formatting designed for maps and large drawings with a great deal of detail. They are similar to djvu files in that a special plugin is required to view them, and the files can be zoomed and panned. The Mr. SID plugin is available from www.lizardtech.com as a free download. Look for the "ExpressView (MrSID) Plug-in" link.

With the plugin added to your browser, sid files will open with a small version of the map in the center of your screen. Place the mouse pointer over the map and righ-click to open the pop-up menu. Among the features in the menu are options to zoom in and out on the map image. Zoom to the level of detail you require.

There is also a "pan" option in the menu that allows you to move your view on the map. As you pan off the initial image, the previously unviewed areas of the map will initially appear blurry. However, when the pan is completed the map will automatically redraw the new areas which will then be displayed clearly.

Some browsers may require you to save the map file before viewing. If your browser requests this, once the file is saved to yoru local drive the plugins should behave as described above. You should not have to save the file locally if you are using Internet Explorer.