Tuesday, October 24, 2017
City Of Marshalltown
Planned Unite Development

A Planned Unite Development (PUD)is a specific zoning classification given to a development that successfully completes the PUD process. A PUD offers flexibility in development which standard zoning classifications do not. In exchange for the additional flexibility the City gains additional control over the final product. Each PUD is unique. One PUD may include a variety of residential uses, while another may incorporate a mix of commercial and residential uses. The specifications and conditions are included as part of the approved plans.

The PUD process includes review and action by the Plan & Zoning Commission and by the City Council. Public hearings are required at both levels. The PUD process usually takes approximately four (4) months plus the time spent by the consulting firms in preparation on behalf of the developer.

Process Checklist
    A summarized timeline of deadlines and meetings in order to
    successfully complete the PUD process.

Zoning Ordinance
    Refer to Chapter 28 for the PUD requirements