Tuesday, November 21, 2017
City Of Marshalltown
What Are Lead Hazards?


Why Are We Concerned About Lead-based Paint Hazards?
Lead has no biological value.
Lead is a poison and can have detrimental health effects on the body (in extreme cases, lead poisoning can cause death).
Who Is at Risk?
Both adults and children can be lead poisoned.
Children are at greater risk of lead poisoning than adults.
Impact on Children
Lead can make children very sick and can cause permanent brain and nerve damage.
Behavioral and learning disabilities.
Decreased muscle and bone growth.
Nervous system and kidney damage.
Hearing damage.
Speech and language problems.
Severe lead poisoning may cause death.
Has your child been tested for lead poisoning?
The only way to verify a child is lead poisoned is to have them tested. Children under the age of six should be tested. Your child can be tested by your family physician or through Primary Health Care Inc.
What Constitutes a Lead Hazard in the Home?
Intact lead-based paint that is well maintained is not hazardous.
Lead paint is a hazard when it is peeling or chipping.
Lead paint is hazardous when it is present on a friction, impact, or child-accessible surface.