Tuesday, November 21, 2017
City Of Marshalltown
HUD Section 8 Programs

Rental Assistance

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides federal funding for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program administered by Housing Authorities across the country.

The City of Marshalltown Housing Office administers the Section 8 Program for the following areas:

City of Marshalltown
Marshall County
Hardin County
Tama County

An Application for Rent Assistance is available in Housing Resources. You may also stop in the office at 36 North Center Street in Marshalltown for an application. For more information you can reach us at 641-754-5756.

At the time of application the following items are required.

  • Social Security Cards for all household members;
  • Photo ID for all adult household members;
  • Birth certificates or passports for all household members;
  • Immigration documentation if applicable.

Administrative Plan

HUD requires that every Housing Agency have an Administrative Plan which is a written document that covers the Housing Agencies policies and procedures regarding how the Section 8 Program is administered.

As the regulations established by HUD often are changing, so may the administrative plan, in order to remain consistent with HUD. Contact the Housing Office with questions concerning these policies and procedures.

A Copy of the Administrative Plan is available for viewing at the Housing Office and is available online in a .pdf format  Click for the Section 8 Administrative Plan on this website.

Agency Plan

HUD requires that every Housing Agency have a 5-Year and Annual Agency Plan which is a written document that covers the Housing Authorities policies, procedures, goals and objectives for the Section 8 Program.

The Annual portion of the Agency plan is reviewed and approved once a year by the Resident Advisory Board, the Public Housing Agency Governing Board, and the City Council. The 5-Year portion is only reviewed and approved every fifth year. This plan is then submitted to HUD for approval.

A copy of the Agency Plan is available for viewing at the Housing Office, the Marshalltown Public Library and is available in .pdf format, in Housing Resources on this website.

Landlord Information

The City does not own any housing units that can be used for rental assistance.  The availability of units is dependant upon the cooperation with landlords in the communities we serve.

It is optional for a landlord to participate witht he Section 8 Program, and renting to one tenant with assistance does not mandate that the landlord rent to all individuals with assistance.

The Housing Agency cannot screen tenants; it is up to the landlord to perform standard reference, credit, employment, criminal, and other applicable checks, in addition to having the potential tenant complete any application required by the landlord.  The Housing Agency can provide the potential landlord with the last known address of the tenant and the last known landlord.

None of the information provided by the Housing Agency should be used to replace legal council or representation.

The Landlord Packet (in .pdf format) is available in Housing Resources and at the Housing Office.  It includes information on the following topics.  Each of the topics below is also available in Housing Resources, or click on any link in the list to open the document.

Responsibilities of Landlords
Tenant Application and Reference Forms
Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications
Pet Rules and Regulations
Rental Agreement/Lease
Rental Deposits
Move In/Move Out Inspections Information


HUD requires all Housing Agencies to establish a Resident Advisory Board and a Governing Board.

Resident Advisory Board
The Residient Advisory Board is made up of current program participants who volunteer to server. The board is responsible for reviewing and making a recommendation on the Agency Plan and Administrative Plan. This board meets an average of four(4)times per year.

Public Housing Agency (PHA) Governing Board
The PHA Governing Board is made up of nine (9) members: the Mayor, City Council members, and one(1) current program participant appointed from the Resident Advisory Board. The board reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on issues such as, but not limited to, budgetary decisions for the Section 8 Program. The PHA Governing Board meets at least annually.

Summary Sheet

This printable document summarizes the Section 8 Rent Assistance Program including who is eligible, income guidelines, and tenant and owner responsibilities.

The printable Summary Sheet is available in Housing Resources.