Tuesday, June 27, 2017
City Of Marshalltown
Building Division

The Building Division is under the Department of Housing & Community Development. The City of Marshalltown requires building permits for items including, but not limited to, additions to residential and commercial buildings and new structures for all uses.

Application packets are available at City Hall or by downloading a pdf version of the applicable application packet.

Dangerous & Dilapidated Building Program

***NEW*** Dangerous & Dilapidated Bid Packet Click here for Bid Packet

Questions received:

Q: Has there been an asbestos survey completed for these properties? A: No, an asbestos report is not required for these properties. They continue to be privately owned and the City is not demolishing more than one per block.

Q: Do utilities need to be disconnected? A: Yes, the contractor will need to contact the appropriate provider for utility disconnection requirements.

Q: Will a demolition permit be required? A: Yes, however there will not be a permit fee charged.

Q: Will there be a pre-bid meeting? A: No, bidders should evaluate sites on their own prior to bidding. The City does NOT own these properties.

For additional information please contact the Building Division