Thursday, December 14, 2017
City Of Marshalltown
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why does the City of Marshalltown's telephone number appear on my cable television bill?

A: The City of Marshalltown is the franchise holder that allows the cable company to place their infrastructure in the City right-of-way. If you have questions regarding your cablevision service or bill, please call the "800" number on the front of your cable bill.


Q: Who maintains the meeting schedule?

A: The City Clerk prepares the monthly calendar of meetings. This calendar is not "live;" it is posted on the web site at the beginning of the month. If you have any questions about the meetings or want to be added to the e-mail notification list, contact the City Clerk's Office

Census Information

Q: What is the population of Marshalltown?

A: The census of 2010 indicated Marshalltown had 27,552 residents. More information can be found on the U.S. Census Bureau's web site.

Committee Applications

Q: What are the requirements for being on a Committee or Board?

A: Applications are available at the City Clerk's office. The Mayor appoints members after reviewing their application. (Reference Boards & Commissions on our main menu).

Council Representation

Q: Who is my council representative?

A: Four council members represent the wards. Three council members serve at-large. Reference the City Council link on our main menu). To view our Wards map click the Resources link on our main menu.

Council Rules

Q: Does the Council have a rules or policy manual?

A: Yes. The rules are contained in the Council Manual.


Q: How do I run for an elected City office?

A: The Council and the Mayor are elected positions. In odd years you may pick up information at the City Clerk's office or at the Marshall County Auditor's Office to run for the Marshalltown City Council. The seven Council positions are four-year staggered terms.

Information Requests

Q: How do I make a request for information?

A: There are a couple of ways you can accomplish this. Each department has a "contact" link on the department home page. You can also contact the Clerk's Office. The City also maintains e-mail lists and regularly sends information to interested parties who have requested to be added to these lists.

Urban Revitalization - Tax Abatement

Q: Does the City offer any tax incentives for rehabilitation or new construction of residential homes?

A: Yes. The City allows 100% tax abatement on qualifying improvements for three years, and there is no dollar limit. Qualifying property must meet the following criteria:
  • The improvements made to the property are believed to have increased its actual value by at least ten percent
  • All improvements have been made in compliance with all applicable laws, codes and ordinances
  • There has not been, and there will not be a need for the relocation of persons, including families, business concerns, or others as a result of the improvements made to the property.
  • The application is received on or before February 1st of the year in which the improvements included in the project are to be first assessed for taxation.

For more information about this topic, see our Tax Abatement document.


Q: Where do I register to vote, and where do I vote once I'm registered?

A: The Marshall County Auditors Office handles voter registration for residents of Marshall County. You may download the voter registration application from the Marshall County web site. Click the link to the Auditor's office in their main menu. The table below lists the location of the polls for each of the City's four voting wards.

Ward Voting Place
1st Ward Marshalltown Public Library 105 W. Boone St.
2nd Ward Malloy Hall, Iowa Veterans Home 1301 Summit St.
3rd Ward Fisher Community Center, 709 S. Center St.
4th Ward First Baptist Church, 700 E. Olive St.


Q: How are the physical boundaries of the wards determined? What ward am I in?

A: The City of Marshalltown last reprecincted in 2011 and worked closely with the Marshall County Auditors Office to comply with rules set by the Secretary of State. To view the Ward map, click the Maps link on our main menu.

Reprecincting procedures are set by the Iowa Secretary of State and include the following considerations:

  • Maximum population of each precinct is 3500
  • Each precinct must be contained in a single legislative district unless this would force creation of a precinct containing residences of fewer than 50 registered voters
  • All precincts shall be composed of contiguous territory
  • Precinct boundaries may not cross county lines
  • All precinct boundaries shall follow census block boundaries
  • Convenience of the Voters: This refers to, but is not necessarily limited to, precinct boundaries that can be readily described to and identified by voters, and for which there is ease of access by voters to their respective polling places by reasonably direct routes of travel
  • Before final adoption of any change in election precinct boundaries, the council shall permit the county auditor not less than seven and not more than ten days time to offer comments on the proposed reprecincting.
  • To establish a precinct composed of both incorporated and unincorporated territory, the city and county must adopt a mutually satisfactory agreement.
  • The city must work with the county.