Thursday, November 23, 2017
City Of Marshalltown

MFD Responds to Ammonia Leak

Department: Fire Department
Date: 05/23/17

At 10:32 P.M. on May 22, 2017, the Marshalltown Fire Department responded to 816 Union Street (Crystal Distribution Services) for a report of an ammonia leak in the facility. Upon arrival, fire department personnel were advised the ammonia leak was located in the basement of the facility. The effected building was evacuated prior to the arrival of the fire department, as well as a portion of the JBS Swift Plant located adjacent to and downwind from the Crystal Distribution Services facility. The ammonia leak was located at a valve of a compressor unit. Hazardous Materials Technicians from Crystal Distribution Services and JBS Swift made entry to the space using encapsulating suits, breathing apparatus, and air monitoring equipment to stop the flow of ammonia to the building. Marshalltown Fire Department personnel provided safety stand by and incident management to the hazardous materials teams. The exact quantity of ammonia released is unknown. There is no known ongoing environmental impact as a result of the release. Seven Marshalltown Firefighters and two chief officers responded to the incident, which were on the scene until 2:12 A.M. No injuries occurred as a result of the incident. No homes in the area were required to be evacuated. Please contact Deputy Chief Christopher Cross with questions at 641-754-5751.

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Chris Cross, Deputy Chief
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