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RFP - Financial Software Systems - Questions/Answers

Department: Finance Department
Date: 08/27/15

The deadline for the Financial accounting system request for proposal has been extended to October 14, 2015 at 10 AM. See below for updated paragraph regarding proposal submissions:


Proposal Submission

The printed and electronic media copies of the proposal(s), pricing, payment schedule, addenda, and other supporting documentation or attachments shall be enclosed in a clearly marked sealed envelope, addressed to:


Financial Software Proposal

City Clerk’s Office –

24 N. Center St.

Marshalltown, IA 50158


And shall be mailed to the above address or hand-delivered to the City Clerk’s Office at the above address on or before: (not per postmark)


October 14th, 2015, 10:00 am


Please note we require ten (10) paper and an electronic copy of all documentation included in the proposal.  Electronic copies must be in .pdf format on a thumb drive. 




Is there just the one document to complete?

We request that all questions starting on page 15 be answered directly or with a reference to a section and number within your proposal. We also request that sections B and C of additional requirements be completed with a reference or directly on the page provided.  The additional requirement section is now posted on the City website as a word document for your convenience. 


 How many RFPs did the City send and to what vendors?

The City has sent approximately four RFP’s to specific vendors.  The RFP was also advertised in the newspaper and is available to any vendor via the City website. 


Does the City of Marshalltown have a budget of at least $250,000 for the project?


The City has an all inclusive budget of 280,000.  This includes the purchase of software, training, data conversion, servers, and any other cost associated with the financial software upgrade. 


If we have already demonstrated our solution to the City will we be required to demonstrate again?

Yes, all vendors will be required to demonstrate their product. 


What, if any vendors has the City already seen demonstrations from?

At this time, the City has not seen any demonstrations related to the Finance Software RFP. 


What is the City’s timeline for Bid award and Contact signing?  When does the city plan on starting the implementation?  Go Live

The City anticipates awarding the bid for Finance software in 2015.  The City will review each RFP, have software demonstrations, and visit current clients, if possible, prior to awarding a contract.  The City will begin implementation in 2016. 

Are you looking for a cloud only solution or are you interested in on-premise or a hybrid?

The City will review all options for data storage.


Has the deadline been changed or extended from Oct 6th?

Yes, as of 9-22-15, the deadline has been extended to Oct 14, 2015.  See above for updated paragraph to RFP. 


Does the city anticipate changes in the chart of accounts to support additional reporting rollups or analysis?

The City does not anticipate any changes to the chart of accounts. 

Does the city anticipate data cleanup or renumbering of vendors, constituents, and other master records as part of this project?

            The City does not anticipate any data clean up or changes to master records. 

Does the city maintain a time clock solution for hourly or project based employees, and if so, is the time clock solution included in the scope of this project?

The City does not currently use a time clock system, and utilizes ADP for payroll processing. 

There are several functional areas to be supported by the new solution. Does the city maintain formal documentation of business processes?

The City maintains documentation of essential finance process, which includes AP, PR, AR and other processes. 


Is the City willing to adopt best practices and business flows that are built into modern ERP systems?

            Yes the City is willing to adopt best practices.


Does the accounting department control the data handling of the budget process, or do department heads input data and make changes to the system?

The finance department handles all data input during the budget process at this time. 

Will the city accept both on premise and hosted solution alternatives?  Is there a preference for either of these alternatives?

The City will evaluate all solutions and at this time the City an on premise solution.

Does the City participate in any cloud based software, systems or services today?

            At this time the City does not have any cloud based software or systems. 

For an on premise software deployment, does the City want to leverage its current data center or do you want us to provide quotes on new hardware?

            Yes, all infrastructure would be in the City server room. 


Can the City provide more information about the current infrastructure and internal IT capability and expectations of a the selected vendor to manage system related architecture?

            Please see below regarding our current environment.


Most departments operate 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F, however Police, Fire, and WPCP operate 24/7, so support must be available whenever needed including nights, weekends, and holidays.

System and software upgrades are typically scheduled on weekends. We require weekend service on an as-needed basis.

IT supports approximately 190 full-time employees, 15 part-time employees and 40 seasonal employees at City Hall and at several remote sites.

A. Servers

The City’s network is comprised of primarily VMware ESXi host servers with Windows Server guest operating systems. The City mail server is an internal Zimbra server, which has capabilities identical to Microsoft Exchange. The majority of the servers are housed in a server room located at City Hall.

In addition to Microsoft products, IT also provides support for several other departmental and enterprise-wide applications, including J.D. Edwards (World version) hosted on the iSeries platform.

Other applications being used in the City include Activenet recreation registration software (hosted), Adobe Acrobat, ArcGIS, Zuercher Police applications, HAPPY, Rescue Bridge (hosted), Lucity (hosted) and SirsiDynix.

Some departments utilize software that is task-specific to the department’s function. Housing, Public Works, Fire, and WPCP all have specialized applications that are supported by the application developer. However, current IT staff occasionally is called upon to work with the application developer to support these programs.

Utilizing a City-owned fiber link, Marshall County and the City share some services. For example, the PD’s records tracking software resides on a server at Marshall County. The City-owned fiber also carries e-mail messages between the two entities, and carries voice data for the County 911 system.

B. Workstations

Most workstations are running MS Windows 7 Professional in an Active Directory domain, with some Windows XP Professional machines that will be either replaced or upgraded.

All workstations have MS Office 2007 installed. Workstations use ESET for their local anti-virus client.

Work stations are purchased according to purchasing policy.

C. Mobile Devices

Departments use a mix of iPad tablets, Windows laptops, and Windows tablets. Some users’ personal iPhone and Android cell phones have access to our

D. Wi-Fi

Ubiquiti devices are deployed for wi-fi access across our network. quantity & location

E. Building-to-building Connectivity

The City of Marshalltown’s primary network hub is centralized within the City Hall complex. All departments located within the City Hall complex are primarily connected at 1Gbps speeds. The City Hall complex’s internet connection is fiber optic with speeds capable of 50 Mbps down and 25 Mbps up. The Public Works facility connects via VPN over a public internet connection capable of 30 MBPS down and 15 Mbps up. The Library connects via VPN over a public internet connection capable of 10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.

The City’s Park and Recreation Department along with the YMCA-YWCA operates an aquatic park adjacent to the Y campus. There is a wireless link between the Y and the Aquatic Center concession stand.

This system utilizes the Y’s Internet service with the hardware owned and maintained by the City. This wireless link is operational in the summer when the Aquatic Center is open. Occasionally, issues with the wireless link, or with the PC in the concession stand require IT support.


Open VPN is deployed for those users who require connection to our network from outside our campus.

G. E-mail


Zimbra Collaboration Suite resides on a virtual Linux server installed on a Linux host.

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