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City Of Marshalltown

Marshalltown Snow Ordinance Reminder

Department: Police Department
Date: 02/20/13

Once again this season another winter storm fast approaching, the Marshalltown Police Department is reminding everyone about the Marshalltown Snow Ordinance and parking rules for designated snow routes.  

When weather forecasts predict measurable snow fall for Marshalltown, the Marshalltown Street Superintendant will begin monitoring the rate of snow fall.  Once there is two inches of accumulated snow on the ground the City of Marshalltown snow ordinance will be placed into effect. 

The street superintendant and Marshalltown Police Department will then begin making public service announcements through the various local media outlets as well as issuing a text or email message to those citizens who have signed up for the Nixle Emergency Notification system.  People can also check the City of Marshalltown website for details when the snow ordinance has been put into effect.  Additionally, paper copies of the Marshalltown Snow Ordinance can be picked up at the police department at anytime for your reference. This map can also be downloaded from the Police Department's resources page.

Once the snow ordinance has been put into effect, residents who live on a designated snow route should immediately remove their vehicles from the street.  Residents who fail to remove their vehicles from a snow route while the snow ordinance is in effect, will have their vehicles towed at their expense and will be issued a parking citation for illegally parking on a snow route during snow removal operations. 

The Street Superintendant and Marshalltown Police Department will notify residents by the same aforementioned methods when the snow ordinance has been cancelled.  Once the snow ordinance has been cancelled residents can once again utilize street parking on the designated snow routes. 

With cooperative efforts from the residents of Marshalltown and the dedicated employees of the Marshalltown Public Works Department the streets will be plowed quickly making winter travel within the city safer for everyone.  

Questions regarding this media release can be directed to Captain Michael J. Hanken by calling 641.754.5758 or via email at

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Captain Hanken
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