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City Of Marshalltown

Volunteers Recognized

Department: Mayor
Date: 12/08/10

On December 6, 2010 the City Council recognized the following volunteers for their contribution to the City of Marshalltown.  Citizen participation is critical to a community’s success and Marshalltown is very fortunate to have so many great volunteers willing to contribute their time and resources to making Marshalltown a better place to live.  The City will be recognizing volunteers throughout the year to show our appreciation.


The following volunteers were recognized Monday.

 Skateboard Park Committee:  Adam and Lucas Baedke were present to representative the Skateboard Park Committee These young men were instrumental in expressing and organizing their dream for a skateboard park in Marshalltown.  They took their ideas to the Park & Rec Department, and after much research, fund raising and securing grants, their dream was realized. Contractors were hired and along with the many people who volunteered their time, the ramps became a reality, opening in late summer this year. Dollars are still needed to completely finish the ramps, but the youth of Marshalltown now have somewhere to use their skateboards. Flowerbed Team:  Along Main Street are several beautiful flower beds that are plated and maintained by volunteers.  Several members of the team were recognized for their efforts.  Although most of them were not able to be present at the meeting Susan Malloy was present to represent the team.  Those recognized for their efforts included:  Susan Malloy, Pat Williams, Sandy Vas, Dr. John Wells and Al Havick.  Thank you all for the ongoing effort to keep Marshalltown Beautiful.  


Terry Kluck:  We want to recognize Terry and his constant vigil at picking up litter on Main Street and wherever he might find it – Terry has also been seen around town with a weed sprayer, taking care of those pesky weeds that pop up all over.  Thanks Terry for your effort in keeping our city “looking nice” 


Darrell Gaskill:  Darrell is the volunteer to thank for all those gorgeous hanging baskets that we admire all summer.   Mr. Gaskill starts the plants from seedlings, transplants them, hangs them on Main Street and continues through the season to water them every morning at 4:00 A.M.  All the financing for these baskets are through donations - anyone interested in donating should contact Darrell.  Our thanks to him again – so many people notice and comment on how gorgeous these flowers are every year.

 Nicki Brickman:  Nicki worked a summer internship with Housing & Community Development Department.  Nicki is an ISU student majoring in Community and Regional Planning.  During her internship she worked on planning projects, with the Section 8 Program and learned a lot about general government activities.  Nicki plans to graduate in 2011.  Ivan Gonzalez:  Ivan is currently working as an intern in the Housing and Community Development Department.  He is a CRP major at ISU and helps out the department wherever need, especially with housing and planning activities, in order to gain hands on experience.

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