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Volunteers Recognized

Department: Mayor
Date: 11/23/10

On November 22, 2010 the City Council recognized the following volunteers for their contribution to the City of Marshalltown.  Citizen participation is critical to a community’s success and Marshalltown is very fortunate to have so many great volunteers willing to contribute their time and resources to making Marshalltown a better place to live.  The City will be recognizing volunteers throughout the year to show our appreciation.


The following volunteers were recognized Monday.


Paul Podhajzky – Paul volunteers in Arnolds Park helping to keep the park clean of litter.  Paul has been a volunteer for many years.


Mike Bergmann – Almost every day on his daily route Mike picks up garbage and litter along State Street.  We appreciate Mike’s vigilance in keeping our City clean.


Iowa Valley Bicycle Club – Representatives from the Bicycle Club were present to receive the recognition for all their efforts improving Marshalltown.  The club provides manpower for trail improvements and maintenance as well as financial support over the years for the trail and improvements.  The Club is also active in promoting bicycle safety for youth through partnerships with the Police Department.  Thank you to all the Club members that volunteer in making Marshalltown a Bicycle friendly community. 


Marshalltown Garden Club – The Garden Club is very active in Marshalltown and has donated gifts of landscaping, planting and maintenance of the flowerbeds in Marshalltown.  Some of the areas include the welcome signs, the flowerbeds at Anson Park, the Mega 10 flowerbed and the Riverview Park Entrance.  Thank you to all of the Club members for your dedication to make Marshalltown beautiful.


Marshalltown Assistance League – Throughout the years the Marshalltown Assistance League has been very active in a number of projects throughout the City.  They have adopted a park and do annual maintenance and help keep it clean.  Their financial assistance for a variety of Park & Rec. facilities has been greatly appreciated.


Lennox Leadership Development – This group performs a variety of community service projects through out the year.  They are very active in the litter pickup and beautification of our bike trail.  Thank you for your dedication to improving the quality of life in Marshalltown.


Marshalltown Dog Park Committee – The Dog Park Committee took an idea and made it a reality.  They raised enough money to develop Marshalltown’s first Dog Park.  The Committee’s dedication to continuing to improve the park and their help in maintaining the facility and monitoring activity has turned the park into a real asset for Marshalltown residents.  Thank you for your continued dedication.



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