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City Of Marshalltown
About Water Pollution Control Plant

Water Pollution Control Plant

The Marshalltown Water Pollution Control Plant is a state-of-the-art, 13 million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility serving 9,100 homes and businesses.  In addition, service is also provided to JBS Swift & Company, a pork slaughter and processing facility that handles up to 20,000 hogs per day and discharges up to 2 million gallons of wastewater to the City each day.


Sanitary Sewer Collection System

The sanitary sewer collection system transports wastewater to the treatment plant and is maintained by the City Sewer Division, a division of the Public Works Department.


Garbage and Recycling

The Water Pollution Control Department, now a division of Public Works, oversees the garbage and recycling program for the City of Marshalltown.  The City utilizes private and independently operated garbage haulers for the collection of garbage and recyclables in accordance with City rules and ordinances.  A list of garbage haulers can be found in the Yellow Page Directory, or by contacting the City Clerk.


Employment Opportunities


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Water Pollution Control Plant

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